Cutting soap

We are busy making, cutting, and packaging soap here! We have been getting ready for the holidays and made this little GIF for you to enjoy. We had our first light dusting of snow last night and storms passing through the area again today. You can see the dramatic change in the lighting as our GIF plays because there is a skylight overhead my cutting table and the clouds were occasionally blocking the sunlight. One might think my kids were turning on and off the light switch during each picture but it was just the clouds overhead.

I designed this soap cutter and my dad welded the frame, cut all the materials, and put it together.  It is not any new great invention as there are many out there similar to this.  We just  made it with dimensions and materials that worked well for our production process. We cut the soap just 24 hours after it has been made. It is pretty firm at this point, but the stainless steel wires have no trouble getting through the soap. It is fun to cut, kind of like using a hard-boiled egg cutter.

After the bars are cut they will be set on the racks to dry for another day or two and then they will be stamped. From there they will be placed back on the drying racks to set for a few weeks before being packaged and shipped off to our wonderful customers.

We have had a couple of projects going on that we would like to share with you in the coming weeks. I am hoping to be able document more of the process we go through so you can see all that goes into our business and the care we take in each and every product that we make.