Veterinarians recommend a mild soap that will rid your dog of dirt and odor, but will not strip natural oils from his fur and skin. Clean River Products Dog Soap is formulated to cleanse and condition your dogs skin and coat. Olive, Castor, and Coconut will cleanse and nourish while Bentonite clay will provide a deep clean and help remove odors. Select essential oils are used for their properties to repel insects, soothe the skin and promote healing.

  • Using a bar soap is a great way to save money. Use only what you need and eliminate the possibility of spilling costly dog specific shampoo.
  • Lathers nicely and leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean.
  • Our 100% Natural Dog Soap is safe for humans too. There is no need to wear gloves while washing your dog to avoid harsh chemical exposure.

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1.  Thoroughly wet your dog from the neck down paying careful attention to keep water out of the dogs ears.

2.  Apply Clean River Products Dog Soap from the neck down by running the bar of soap over the dog’s wet coat the same way you would brush your dog.

3. Use your hands and fingers to work up a lather by gently massaging the soap into your dog’s coat. Keep the soap out of the dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth.

4. Rinse your dog with clean water using a cup or sprayer making sure there is no soap residue left behind as it could cause the dog to itch.

5. Towel dry your dog and watch him do a victory lap around the place.

Bathing Your Dog With Natural Soap

Bathing Your Dog With Natural Soap